Welcome to Naturally Vibrant Reiki Centre

Reiki is becoming increasingly known as a therapy that is easy, peaceful and supportive of everyone regardless of religion, creed, education or culture.

Years ago when I was a young nurse, I was drawn to the word Reiki yet had no idea what is was. It was not until more recently following a sequence of traumatic events that shocked and changed my family and I forever that I found myself reaching instinctively for a Reiki class.  For me, the fall out of such grief was devastating and I can truthfully declare that Reiki saved my life!

Reiki presented me with answers, strategies, skills and most of all HEALING. I continued my journey of Reiki exploration and now years later, I offer to you what I discovered.

Reiki is a dynamic and stunningly beautiful set of tools and knowledge which is formatted and presented to access Universal Love concepts in an all-in-one powerful package.

Whether you try a restful, restorative Reiki session with one of our practitioners or whether you choose  a workshop, you will begin a sensational journey of learning healing skills for you and your loved ones…

Our Reiki Centre offers the following services:


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Alex will be happy to discuss any queries with you. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Warmest regards, The Naturally Vibrant Team


  • “Thank you for the amazing work you did for me in the Reiki session, I can seriously say it made the work I have done over the last few months so much easier. The way I am now able to hold my own energy in delivering some really intense workshops has been life changing. I really mean it. It is something I have been trying to master over the past fours years with little success of being anything other than exhausted! Of course my session has had a lovely impact on me personally as well. I’ve been sharing my story with friends of how amazing your work is.”- Lucy     
  • “I really enjoyed the Reiki session, you are the perfect person to be a healer! You have such a beautiful, kind nature, it is no wonder this love and healing can come through you. Thank you for your beautiful words... I will definitely do this again with you. I found it so relaxing, and it has calmed me a little over the last few days. Thank you.”- Soulla     
  • “I have used various services offered by Naturally Vibrant over the last 7 years such as, Reiki, massage therapy, flowering essences and have taken part periodically in the meditation classes offered through the centre. I have found the services refreshing, helpful and I'm pleased to say that there is follow up after the particular treatment has been completed. I would thoroughly recommend Naturally Vibrant to anyone seeking to improve their wellbeing and piece of mind.”- Katrina Mihai    
  • “Thank you for all of your support. Reiki has changed the way I live my life in so many ways and it's teaching me to be so much more confident than I used to be. I can't imagine what things would have been like without the close knit group from Naturally Vibrant.”- Kim     
  • “I just wanted to say it was lovely to meet you yesterday and thank you for helping me with Reiki. It was very interesting. I definitely feel more content and clear today than I have in a while and my energy seems to be lasting longer. I will organise another session soon. Thanks again”- Bec     