For the Reiki Client

Reiki to Assist the Medical Situation

We care about our clients and know that there are times in our lives when we are challenged to the maximum by being seriously ill, terminally ill or even caring for someone else who is in this position. Diminished health and independence can be the ultimate challenge with difficult consequences.

Our staff wish to support and encourage you through such times.

How we can help if you are unwell

Our empathic and gentle Practitioners have been specially trained to provide Reiki to both unwell and dying people. Reiki is well known within the community as being supportive to patients experiencing the symptoms of illness and the side effects of necessary medical treatments. This beautiful calming energy is practiced all over the world within hospitals, aged care facilities, respite/medical centres and within the home situation. Reiki can assist you to regain a sense of peacefulness and connection to something positive deep within you allowing you to feel uplifted and calm.

Call us to visit you in whatever setting you are in and provide you with a restful Reiki session adapted to your specific needs.

The benefits to booking a session of Reiki

Research to date has proven that there are many benefits to a Reiki treatment including:

  • Improvements in blood pressure and blood circulation
  • Relaxing time out and a sense of peacefulness
  • Assists with depression by producing a sense of positive connection
  • Boosts the immune system by reducing adrenal activity
  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Induces muscle relaxation
  • Assists with pain reduction
  • Demonstrates techniques to carers and patients for reducing stress, fears and anxiety.
  • Assists with peaceful passing over.

When you are terminally ill

Reiki is a wonderful adjunct to medical care for terminally ill people because it rebalances all sides of our life triangle – the body, mind and soul – whatever the situation. Our experience as practitioners of Reiki, is that this loving energy provides a sense of peace and connection with the Universe. Many of our clients report an acceptance of their change in life and they come to terms with their impending loss of life so much easier. This strengthens their ability to deal with many worries and enhances relationships with their loved ones.

End of life Reiki provides such a beautiful doorway of transition with loving Universal support and a sense of peace. It has been seen to help with pain reduction promoting self-empowerment and renewed courage.

It is truly a beautiful experience and is so useful for everyone from the ill person to carer, family members, the elderly, children and even pets.

We provide visits of approximately 60 minutes with more or less as needed. Reiki is very gentle and non-invasive. We will adapt a Reiki session to your specific requirements whether lying or sitting, on chair or in bed.

Other Supportive Therapies are available

Your practitioner offers additional skills to make your Reiki session an experience that leaves you smiling and rested. Speak to your therapist whom is happy to provide you with additional supportive tools for your enjoyment, such as:

  • Gentle massage strokes
  • Reflexology of feet and hands
  • Australian Bush Flower Essences
  • Soft relaxing music
  • Meditation guidance

What is needed at your first session

Your practitioner will ask you to provide a few details of your situation to ensure your safety and comfort.

You will then be asked to sign a basic consent form.

Your practitioner will ask you to remove shoes and any restrictive clothing such as a tie or jacket and settle you into your chosen position as the outcome of a session is usually great relaxation and often sleep!

There is a series of appropriate hand placements your practitioner will tell you about, some lovely music to listen to and even a beautiful meditation if you choose it. You are now on your way to one of the most calming moments of relaxation. Enjoy!

Who else can benefit?

Anyone can benefit from a Reiki session.  Stressed family members and weary carers including medical staff can all take time out with Reiki. It is non-invasive and safe for everyone including those on chemotherapy, radiotherapy, the elderly, pregnant people and children.

Mobile Reiki

We are happy to provide visits to clients unable to attend our centre for whatever reason (eg. due to ill-health, disability, lack of transport etc).  Our dedicated staff are willing to help you whatever your condition and wherever you may be.

Some extras:

All of our practitioners are registered and insured. They have all been mentored appropriately under nursing supervision and passed competencies within this area.

Your confidentiality and privacy is ensured at all times.

It is your choice how long you would like your session to go for and how often to book your session. You are welcome to share your story which will be deeply respected or simply rest in a space that is all about you.

Many of our clients book a weekly session and report feeling ‘lighter and less troubled’ after each visit.

If you would like to try a session of Reiki simply call:
Alex on 0409 009 924
Joan on 0414 669 890

We accept clients at our rooms or will visit you wherever you are. Costs are dependent on length of time and means tested. Call us and discuss your needs.

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