Reiki for Nurses and Health Carers

Caring for others is a wonderful service to provide, however it can be fatiguing and at times stressful. Learning life-skill balance to maintain your own health when you are a carer is paramount to both you and those you support, whether you are a nurse, a counsellor, health provider or personal carer.

We understand how exhausted you may feel and the frustration that may go along with this fatigue. Reiki is about learning how to access Universal Energy and use hand placements to soothe others and relieve stresses of life.

There is even more to it than wonderful loving hand placements.

Useful Tools & Strategies

Reiki has a simple format of learning that brings together many tools for overcoming life challenges. Reiki balances body, mind and soul.  Our courses will provide you with simple methods of assessing yourself to find the areas that leave you struggling.

You will receive useful information about:

  •  communicating with others
  •  accessing your Higher wisdom to provide your own answers
  •  giving healing to those you wish to help and
  •  even learning how to assist Mother earth by sending Distant healing.

A large part of learning Reiki is about learning how to heal yourself, love yourself and balance your life with positivity.

Our courses follow the original beautiful teachings of Usui Reiki and are offered to you as a life path of gentle, loving and supportive techniques for every possible situation that create worries in your life. Imagine having a quick, effective and useful set of tools to provide loving outcomes for yourself and others?

These strategies have been used through years of history right back into Sanscrit India 2000 years ago and was eventually developed into a loving and simple set of course levels by Dr Hayashi, a Naval Doctor in Japan in the early 1900’s based on teaching by his teacher, Tendai Monk Master Mikao Usui.

Reiki since then has been passed down from Master to Student and flowed into the Western world with much research being done around the world. Many hospitals, respite centres and Palliative Centres have Reiki practitioners offering Reiki sessions to patients. It is becoming the most popular hands-on therapy within the palliative sector for patients at present. Current research is available (please see brochure).

Once you discover Reiki, you can take away the skills and incorporate them into your life to relieve stress, leaving you with an enormous sense of peace.

How to Get Started

We have four levels of Reiki knowledge starting with Level 1 beginners. Anyone and everyone is welcome to discover the skills of Reiki and the concepts are compassion based directly from a loving Universal Source. There is no religion, culture, education or political leaning involved.

We are all about simple, loving, compassionate and heart based teachings that are practical useful strategies for everyone. We also believe in laughter and enjoyment (even when things go horribly wrong) for why else are we here?!

We will show you how to provide Reiki for children, babies, the elderly, sick, animals, plants and the earth.

As nurses and carers ourselves, we have noticed that sometimes business structure can impede the loving care we long to provide for our patients.  Having Reiki understanding is such a wonderful adjunct to our existing skills and careers particularly at those times of wanting to make a difference.  There are many useful concepts on offer that will enhance your caring abilities.

If you would like to learn more about learning Reiki, please go to our Reiki Education Courses section.

Our Reiki Education Centre invites you to step into this wonderful opportunity of collecting a gentler set of strategies to make your life journey more peaceful, fun, actively positive and beautifully healing.

We hope to see you soon.

Please feel very welcome to call either Alex on 0409 009 924 or Joan on 0414 669 890.