Joan Huggins


Manager of Naturally Vibrant Reiki Centre

B.Sc. (Biological Science), Reiki Master/Teacher, Touch for Health Level 1 (Kinesiology)

My story begins in a rural locality in the Wimmera, Victoria. I grew up in a large family within a wonderful community.  I feel truly blessed for my fortunate childhood surrounded by a loving family and a simple life.

From a young age I was interested in health, nutrition and the workings of the human mind.  At 18 years of age I set off to study Biological Science, with aspirations of becoming a dietitian.

In the midst of studying and partying, my world was suddenly shattered with the loss of my brother in a car accident. Life was never to be the same again. Although I wouldn’t realise it until many years later, I was lost after the departure of my fun-loving and good-hearted brother from this world.

Life carried on under a cloud of grief and I completed a Bachelor of Biological Science. I was bursting to enter the workforce and decided not to study Dietetics after all. Instead I entered the exciting world of Formulation Science, ending up in Pharmaceutical Dermatology.  These were wonderful years of fun and discovery in the laboratory, however my interest in health, nutrition and psychology left me yearning for more.  I realised that my work in the lab was only going skin-deep, and that wasn’t deep enough for my enquiring mind.  As I grew older (and hopefully wiser!) I realised it was the relationship between mind, body and soul and the effect this relationship has on our health that I was truly passionate about.

In 2011 I was struck down with Ross River Virus. I suffered 18-20 months of pain, stiffness, fatigue and episodes of depression. Searching for relief I was led to various natural therapies and eventually I found Reiki. The virus was a blessing in disguise! Reiki was the perfect modality for healing Body, Mind and Soul. My physical health improved, I finally processed my grief, healed emotional scars and I found a new career as a Reiki Master/Teacher.

I am passionate about self-love, self-healing and the quest for ‘inner-peace’. I love assisting people on their own journey of self-healing and discovery. Reiki provides a beautiful, gentle pathway to discovering our ‘true self’ and the peace we hold within.  I have always found it easy to see the light and goodness in other people. Now I’m finding great joy in helping people discover their own beautiful light, to accept their uniqueness and to love themselves.  I believe this is the path to peace.

If you would like to know more or to arrange a consultation, please call me on 0414 669 890 or email

I would love to hear your story.
Joan Huggins